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© Keith Piper Augmented Dordrecht 

from A future museum of the present 2010


Artist-in-Residence   July - September 2010


Center for Contemporary Art (CBK) Dordrecht 


Keith Piper (1959 UK) is a multi-media artist, curator and lecturer whose cross-disciplinary artistic practice intertwines academic and artistic research. Over the past twenty-five years, he has created works that comment on British social and political histories in relation to migration and colonization. Reflecting on contemporary representations and debates in the multicultural west, he makes frequent use of (photo) archives to create new critical and creative perspectives on dominant historical narratives. 


Installation   23 October - 4 December 2010


A Future Museum of the Present   

Een Toekomstig Museum van het Heden

by Keith Piper

A Future Museum of the Present grew out of a residency undertaken by the artist Keith Piper in Dordrecht over a two-month period during the summer of 2010. The residency was a comissioned by the Center for Contemporary Art Dordrecht and UNFIXED. On the 23rd of October it opened it doors as a temporary museum situated in one of Dordrecht’s historical landmarks. The Future Museum is a statement of Keith Piper’s 'outsider' reflections on Dordrecht, Dutch culture and the notions of an archive. The museum includes an interactive video installation, reading room and artifacts.

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